Victorian Edgarley

The fall of the House of Porch

by Roger Parsons

Copyright ©2010, 2014 by Roger Parsons. Published in print and web form by Abbey Press Glastonbury.


Thanks for their help in revealing the story of the Porch family of Edgarley are due to:

Other sources of information used were the National Records Office in Kew, the Somerset County Records Office and Studies Library in Taunton, contemporary editions of the West of England Advertiser and the Central Somerset Gazette, Armynell Goodall’s book on The Bulleids of Glastonbury, the book on Stuckey’s Bank by PT Saunders, and Ralph G Martin’s biography of Lady Randolph Churchill, wife of Montagu Porch.

Roger Parsons, Glastonbury, 2010 Abbey Press Glastonbury